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Voodoo Swing——复古与摩登之间的平衡点

Voodoo Swing 简介

在过去的二十年里,Voodoo Swing 用他们独特而强烈的根源 Rockabilly 和布鲁斯音乐震撼了他们的观众。自 1993 年 Voodoo Swing 在盐湖城成立至今,他们已经发行了 7 张专辑、2 首单曲,出现在了无数精选专辑里,并且曾在世界各地巡演。他们也曾为纪录片《Low and Slow》和故事长片《Rockabilly Vampire》创作电影原声。尽管经历了人事变动,2016 年起,由乐队创始成员、吉他手、唱作人 Shorty Kreutz 与乐队的长期成员、低音提琴手 Tommy Collins,以及新人鼓手 Walter Spano 组成的乐队阵容继续他们「撕裂式」的 Rockabilly 风格!

成立初,他们独特的「撕裂式」Rockabilly 风格首先吸引到了英国的 Nervous Records。他们的处女专辑《We're Usin' Code Names!》以及第二章专辑《Well, Okay Then!》在荷兰的 Rockhouse Records 厂牌发行。Voodoo Swing 曾被 Rockabilly 精选集《American Rumble》和《The Sounds of Gasoline》收录。1998 年,乐队的吉他手 Shorty 被盐湖城周刊的读者投票选为「最佳电吉他手」。

Their unique style of “rip-it-up” Rockabilly first attracted England’s Nervous Records in 1993. Voodoo Swing's debut album "We're Usin' Code Names!" is followed by a second album, "Well, Okay Then!" released on Netherlands’ Rockhouse Records label. Voodoo Swing is also featured on Rockabilly compilations "American Rumble" and “The Sounds of Gasoline ’’. The band also scores the soundtrack for the Lowrider documentary "Low and Slow" as well as for the full-length feature film “Rockabilly Vampire”. In 1998, Shorty is awarded "Best Electric Guitar Player" by Salt Lake's City Weekly Magazine reader’s poll.

2010年, 这支乐队发布了由 Olivier Zahm 制作的《Refried Voodoo Beans》

In 2010 the band, released “Refried Voodoo Beans” produced by Olivier Zahm of Electric Lotus Music,

2011年,专辑被 Electric Lotus Music 重新制作并于同年夏天进行了首场电子演出 “Keep on Rollin'”

In 2011, album redesigned and reprinted by Electric Lotus Music and in the summer of 2011, Voodoo Swing’s first Electric Lotus Label release premieres "Keep on Rollin’”.

2013年的《Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos and Scars》标志着这支乐队20年历史性的成功。

2013 “Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos and Scars” marks the debut of the band’s finest work in their 20-year history.

新专辑 《To You My Friend》

在 Voodoo Swing 乐队主唱/吉他手 Shorty Kreutz 发行个人专辑之后,他集合乐队鼓手 Walter Spano、低音提琴 Tommy Collins,为粉丝带来全新力作《To You My Friend》,强势回归!这张专辑是 Voodoo Swing 乐队出道以来最具个人特色的作品,打破了美国 Rockabilly 洛卡比里的一贯风格,并注入了自己的血液。乐队新成员,鼓手 Walter 将节奏演绎得更加紧凑、干净,前无仅有的将作品与现代感融合。Shorty 爆发力极强的吉他以及具现实主义的歌词,再加上 Tommy 精湛流畅的的低音提琴的技巧,无论是 20 年代的怀旧音乐《If Hell Has A Place For Me》,还是蓝草音乐《Don’t Tell Me That You Love Me》,Voodoo Swing 乐队总是能在复古和摩登之间找到一个完美的平衡点,融合这两大看似矛盾的元素。

After Shorty Kreutz, Voodoo Swing's vocal/guitar player, released his solo album, he gathered the band's drummer Walter Spano and bass player Tommy Collins and together released <To You My Friend> as a powerful return! This album is Voodoo Swing's most individualized work since the band debuted. It broke American Rockabilly's consistent/usual style and mixed in the band's unique features. Voodoo Swing's new member, drummer Walter made the rhythm more compact and clean, adding a touch of modernity. Shorty's explosive guitar performance and realistic lyrics he composed along with Tommy's exquisite techniques in his bass performances all contributed to Voodoo Swing's success. Whether it is the nostalgic song from the twenties "If Hell Has A Place For Me," or bluegrass music "Don't Tell Me That You Love Me," Voodoo Swing's members always make sure they combine seemingly conficted styles like vintage and modern.

Playlist 歌单

1. You Ain't Doin' Me Right

2 You're Gonna Miss Me One Day

3 So Fine

4 Murika

5 The Rambler

6 Too Much Drinkin'

7 To You My Friend

8 Don't Tell Me That You Love Me

9 Chokin' The Chicken

10 If Hell Has A Place For Me

11 Fadin' Away

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