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Van Halst---"World of Make Believe"

Van Halst是一个加拿大硬摇滚/金属乐队成立于埃德蒙顿。

Van Halst is a Canadian hard rock/metal band currently based out of Toronto, ON.

专辑World of Make Believe,由Scott Greene担任制作人,在Edmonton完成录制,专辑还请来Maor Appelbaum加盟。完整专辑收录十支歌曲,他们玩转了各个曲风。Kami是一个出色的Vocalist,对怒音的完美消化把每一首乐队的作品塑造的更加立体,歌曲萃取被边缘化的苦痛和失落,将这份难过升华,赋予其生命力去战斗和改变!乐队的现场表演还以他们有特色的妆发为亮点,做足一整套视觉盛宴。

Album "World Make Believe" served by producer Scott Greene. Completed recording atEdmonton, the album also invited Maor Appelbaum to join in. The complete album contains ten songs, they played various styles. Kami is an excellent Vocalist, they did perfect with the sound of anger and made the band works more three-dimensional. Songs extraction marginalized pain and loss, putted this sad sublimation and give its vitality to fight and change! The band's live performances with their distinctive makeup hair is a bright spot and make a full set of visual feast.

“World of Make Believe”记录在埃德蒙顿,AB在Powersound工作室与制作人Scott Greene(Blue Rodeo, Derina Harvey, Kickupafuss)和Phil Anderson(Dead Jesus, Social Code, One Bad Son)。该专辑由Maor Appelbaum(Faith No More,Sepultura,Lita Ford)制作。乐队的影响力保持了对goth摇滚的作用,Kami Van Halst演绎了一种敏捷的声乐传递,乐队从黑金属中抽出来,因为他们专注于孤立和上升的人,以克服对判断社会的先入为主。乐队的现场表演是一种新奇的体验,因为他们利用化妆和舞台道具,不仅能给观众一个完美的音乐体验,更一个视觉盛宴。

"World of Make Believe" was recorded in Edmonton, AB at Powersound Studios with producers Scott Greene (Blue Rodeo, Derina Harvey, Kickupafuss,) and Phil Anderson (Dead Jesus, Social Code, One Bad Son). The album was mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Sepultura, Lita Ford). The band’s influences stay true to goth rock, Kami Van Halst demonstrates an agile vocal delivery in combination with pummelling growls. Lyrically, the band draws from black metal due to its focus on people suffering from isolation and rising to overcome the preconceptions of a judgemental society. The band’s live performance is a theatric experience as they utilize full-costumes, make-up and stage props to give their audience not only a stellar musical experience but a visual show as well.

Van Halst 的专辑“World of Make Believe" 还入围了Top 10 Records. 在获奖评论上这样描述道“ 这张专辑的重点不仅仅在于音乐的欣赏方面,它在技术与智慧方面更存在挑战性。而且这在金属音乐的过程中不经常被提到, 像歌词很容易就被忽略掉”

“This not only renders it a pleasure to listen to musically, but is also challenging intellectually. And this cannot often be said in metal concoctions, where lyrics often are the most neglected aspect of the production.”

凭借这张专辑,Van Halst 还获得了2016年最佳歌手奖。

According to the album, Van Halst won the award "The Best Singer" in the 2016.

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