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Tom Ricci---逃不出生活的掌心

当你独自一人时,会和自己对话吗?是小时候的自己?还是未来的自己?面对未来你会困惑,面对过去也许会缅怀过去美好的时光,或许后悔过去的胡闹。为了不后悔,从现在开始,时常问问自己“What are you saying man?"

When you are alone, are you talking with yourslf? childhood? or future? When you face future, you will be confused; when you face past time, maybe you will be happy or regret. Do not worry, from now ask yourself, “What are you saying man?" future will be better.

  ----------------------What Are You Saying Man------------------------------

Tom Ricci 于2016年5月推出了自己的全新专辑“Escape Into Life“。这张专辑不仅有美妙的旋律,绝不动摇的摇滚精神,还有令人深思的歌词为每一首歌都增加了深度和厚重感。从 “Gave it All to You”,一首能震动你灵魂的摇滚,到“Don’t Give Up On Yourself” 一首安静的内省的乐曲,Tom用这张专辑为听者展开一个全新的多次元音乐世界。这张专辑能够满足不同背景的摇滚爱好者的耳朵,Tom也决定跟他自己的乐队NerveBloc一起为听者献上这场听觉盛宴。

“Escape into life” is all about great melodies, uncompromising rock and roll vibes and thought-provoking lyrics that add thickness and dimension to every track. From Earth- shattering rockers the likes of “Gave it all to you” to mellow and introspective tunes in the vein of “Don’t give up on yourself”, Tom set out to craft a diverse and accomplished record that will please rock fans of all backgrounds, from discerning underground punk rockers to arena rock fiends. Tom will be performing live with his trusted band, NerveBloc, in support of the album.

“Escape Into Life" 歌单

1 What Are You Saying Man?

2 Tell Me (Who You Want Me To Be)

3 Fantasize

4 Gave It All To You

5 Doomed From The Start

6 Don't Give Up On Yourself

7 You Can Have It!

8 (It's Harder) When You Doubt

9 Levitate

10 Solar Plane

11 Green Apples

12 Simply Love

Tom Ricci是南加利福尼亚的歌手/词曲作者。他是另类摇滚乐队Nervebloc创始人。Tom是一个多才多艺的音乐人,他会演奏吉他,钢琴,贝司,萨克斯和架子鼓。他在中学开始表演,在学校爵士乐队中演奏萨克斯管。在高中,他继续在乐队中表演不同的乐器,包括Oasis cover 乐队鼓手也在这里参加过。Tom真正了解到摇滚学校是当他加入Project Undercover吉他的行列,一个晚上在密歇根中部的酒吧演奏了4个小时40首音乐。

Tom Ricci is a Southern California-based singer/songwriter. He is the founding member of alternative rock band NerveBloc.Tom is a multi-instrumentalist having knowledge of guitar, piano, bass, saxophone and drums. His introduction to performing began in middle school, playing saxophone in the school jazz band. In high school he continued performing in various bands on different instruments, including as drummer for Oasis cover band Be Here Now.Tom notes his real school of rock when he joined Project Undercover on guitar, playing 4 hours a night of top-40 songs in the mid-Michigan bar scene.

在2009年,Tom创立的另类摇滚乐队Nervebloc。几乎立刻,Nervebloc的声音在音乐会上演奏,例如:在2010年,Whisky A Gogo 和2011年House of Blues, Anaheim。

In 2009, Tom founded the alternative rock band NerveBloc. Almost immediately, NerveBloc's sound saw them booking gigs at internationally renowned venues such as the Whisky A Gogo in 2010 and the House of Blues, Anaheim in 2011.

Tom在很小的时候就开始写歌,但是在他20多岁的时候搬到加利福尼亚后,他决定开始演奏自己的音乐。他最初的“Sweet Love”赢得2008英国作曲大赛半决赛的位置。Weston进一步支持了Tom的职业生涯是2013时,当时他坚持加入摇滚乐队,Hautewerk演奏键盘和吉他。2012年Tom与格莱美获奖制作人Rob Chiarelli打造的Bossa Nova爵士乐单,“Simply Love”,于2015年发布。在2014年,Tom着手制作自己的首张个人专辑,Escape Into Life。音乐工程师Glenn Suravech被任命为首席工程师帮助Tom建立家庭工作室。

Tom began writing songs at a young age, but it was only upon moving to California in his early 20s that he decided to begin playing his own music. His original 'Sweet Love' would go on to win a semi-finalist position in the 2008 UK Songwriting Contest. Weston further supported Tom's career in 2013 when he insisted he join Rock Band featured band, Hautewerk playing keys and guitar. In 2012, Ricci worked with Grammy Award winning producer Rob Chiarelli to create the bossa nova jazz single, 'Simply Love', released in 2015. On 2014, Tom embarked on the production of his first solo album,Escape Into Life. Engineer Glenn Suravech was brought in as lead engineer as well as to help set up Tom's home studio.

在一年多的自己制作后,Tom 邀请了格莱美获奖制作人Ed Stasium帮他完成专辑。这张专辑在2016年初完成并由Greg Calbi指导,在2016五月发布。

After more than a year of self-production, Tom called upon Grammy Award winning producer Ed Stasium to help him finish the album. The album was completed in early 2016 and then mastered by Greg Calbi, before being released on May 2016.

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