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Soulier---《Outer Circuitry》

Outer Circuitry 是加拿大电子音乐人Soulier的第三张专辑。这张专辑带给听者9首全新概念的电子音乐:低沉饱满的低音炮bass line加上抓耳的旋律和人声,给你不一样的听觉体验。第一首“This is Original”为这张充满techno 和 tech house风格的专辑呈现了一个完美的开头。这张专辑不仅收录了许多特别的field recordings(现场录制),还结合运用了新鲜的电子合成方式和经典的合成方式。这张专辑不仅仅会成为电子爱好者的最爱,也会成为DJ们炙手可热的音乐选择。

​“Outer Circuitry” is the third album by Canadian electronic musician Soulier. This album gives listeners 9 new concepts of electronic music: the low and full bass line and the melody will give you a different auditory experience. The first "This is Original" for the techno and tech house style, the song is a perfect start of the album. This album includes a lot of special field recordings, these recording use of a combination of the new electronic synthesis and classical synthesis. This album will not only become the favorite of electronic enthusiasts, but also will become the hot music choice by DJ.

Soulier是电子音乐家和作曲家, 他创作的歌曲是以人声与电子技巧相结合的,歌曲带有满满的优美, 活力和复古感的结合。

Soulier is the brainchild of electronic musician and composer, Ryan Hall.


As a former student of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Ryan became a skilled musician and composer, working with some of the greatest musical minds around. “Berklee helped me not only with my songwriting, but with the art of translating experiences into sound. Emotions can be painted through sound, so my music tends to be based on how I feel at the time when I write it, so I take the audience through a variety of emotional states – sad, tense, lustful, overjoyed, peaceful.”

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