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Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs

"Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs are banging their own drum, twisted and spicy. A hard rock sound with a dash of sweetness, sex and a whole lotta thrust!"

---Jam Magazine

" Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs 敲击着她们的鼓,火辣的扭动着。她们有着甜味的硬摇滚风格,将甜美,性感和全部的推理展现了出来”

---Jam Magazine

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs是一个深刻和多样的乐队,他们的手指很灵活,他们很聪明。并且被广大人民所喜爱。他们已经在广播中播放了4首原创单曲,以及在电影中作为配乐。他们的新专辑将他们的声音作为一个硬而沉重的朋克乐队,并证明他们可以玩转这一切。

They are opening up for Misfits, Megadeth, Slash or Lords of Acid, the band has no demographic boundaries. Having already had 4 original singles played in major market radio, and music featured in film, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs and their debutante GIRL are ready to come out in a big way. So who exactly is this GIRL the album speaks of? "She is all of us!" explains Scary Cherry.

乐队的首张LP Girl采取硬核摇滚的元素,用最原始的鼓点编曲,以一个女孩儿的视角构建了一段充满力量的终极人生旅程。这张专辑既有趣又有深度。在第13届独立音乐年度大奖上,专辑Girl获得了最佳摇滚专辑的提名。

The band first LP "Girl"  used hardcore rock element with the original arrangement of drums. From a girl's perspective of the construction of a powerful ultimate journey of life. The album is interesting and deep. On the Thirteenth Annual independent music awards, "Girl" won the best rock album.

Scary Cherry说,女孩是个有趣的研究项目,她们可以是走在路上让你无法挪开视线的那一个,也可能是具备危险的小恶魔。她们是多元化的,危险、性感、乖巧…,她们就是我们每一个人!

GIRL is a simultaneously hyperkinetic, dangerous, sexy beast, and ultimately, the essence of Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs.

带着朋克的风格完成了歌曲旋律的谱写,乐队融入了他们最具代表性的华丽摇滚元素,将专辑收录的作品打造的更佳丰满,不论是歌曲本身,还是整张LP传达的讯息,戴上耳机感受一下,你就能明白Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs受到专业人士极力举荐的原因!

The band putted the glam rock elements with punk style songs melodies into their the most representative album. Made full album works better, whatever is the song or the LP message. Wearing a headset to feel and then you can understand the Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs' outstanding that is why professionals strongly recommend it!

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs 的音乐“ Let's Go" 被广告 Main Event Entertainment 选做了主题音乐。

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs‘ music piece " Let's Go" selected by advertisement "Main Event Entertainment" as the major background music.

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