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嘿,“Ni Xiang Party"吗?

还在担心外国人唱歌,你听不懂吗?别担心了,因为今天的主人公唱的你觉得听得懂。他的新专辑叫做《Ni Xiang Party》中文专辑名叫做《你想跳舞吗》。没错,你没看错,他是用拼音做的英文专辑名称,他唱的也是由拼音组成的歌曲,你不信?那咱们来听一听。

Do you still worry about some English songs that you cannot understand? No worries as Musicdish introduces a new artist, Mr Mindfulness and his new single 《Ni Xiang Party》. Yes, this new single used Chinese Pinyin. Let's listen it.

这首Mr Mindfulness刚推出的全新电音歌曲《你想跳舞吗》极有特色,也容易上口,听完一遍就无法忘却歌曲的强烈节奏感


主要歌词的意思讲述了Mr Mindfulness想要在派对中跳舞和律动的心情,短短几句歌词显露出歌曲的热情感。闭上眼睛听着这首歌曲,你会甚至觉得自己就和Mr Mindfulness在一个房间,而他低沉有磁性的声音环绕你的耳边。这是一首专门为派对准备的颂歌!无论你是在派对,节日庆典,还是在房间,只要你想跳舞,这首歌就会带给你快乐的时光。

The new electric music of Mr Mindfulness' "Ni Xiang Party" is very distinctive and easy to learn. Once you hear it, you can't forget the rhythm of the song. The main lyrics reflects the mood of Mr Mindfulness who wants to get you dancing at the party. A party anthem!Specifically designed to be played at nightclubs, festivals and even in the living rooms of anyone that wants to dance, jump, rejoice and have a great time.

特别好奇这个会唱中文的朋友?咱们这就来介绍一下他。Mr Mindfulness1977年8月7号出生于澳大利亚的Melbourne。他拥有南美与西班牙血统。他第一次接触音乐是在他7岁的时候,他的父母给他买了一个风琴。然后,他真正转向音乐是在他十几岁的时候,他前往智利访问亲友,发现他的叔叔是拉丁乐队的并启着主宰的作用。15岁的Mr Mindfulness已经表演唱歌和说唱在高中、宴会和舞会。二十出头时,他在澳大利亚已经是著名的拉丁和嘻哈俱乐部的表演者。

现在他是 LIL' DRE公司的作曲家,制作人,伴唱歌手和音乐经理。他曾经和音乐工程师一起制作了许多世界知名音乐人的音乐,包括贾斯汀‘ 比伯。Mr Mindfulness可以说是一位全能的音乐人,这也就解释的通为什么他能将中文歌唱出来了。让我们共同期待他的新作品吧!

Curious about this friend who can sing Chinese? Mr Mindfulness is of Chilean (South American) descent with family bloodlines leading back to Spain (Europe), born in Melbourne, Australia. His first introduction to music was at 7 years old when his parents bought him an organ. He fully turned to music in his early teens when he travelled to Chile to visit family and realized that the major part of his uncles were all part of a Latin band. By age 15, a young Mr Mindfulness was already performing, singing and rapping at high schools, fetes and dance parties. By his early twenties, he was well known as a performer in Latin and Hip Hop clubs across Australia.

He is composer, producer, backing singer and music manager for LIL'DRE.

Now, known as a composer, producer, vocalist and performer, he spends much of his days coaching other artists in the world of music. Mr Mindfulness has worked with sound engineers that have produced many worldwide talents, including Justin Bieber.

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