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HearIM | 听腻了K-POP?来一场韩式“久石让”吧!


HearIM is a band combined with values and talents. Their music reveal the Busan boys' wildness and their capability of freeing themselves from a fixed Korean music model. They are very determined to build their own music kingdom. Appearance will not cover their warm heart. Listen to their music if you have any doubts!

“HearIM”,这个贯穿乐队名,专辑名和主打歌曲的词语,在韩文里是表示关切和人与人之间亲密温暖的词语。而这张专辑的主打歌“Here I Am” 正是表达了乐队希望与听者密切相连的愿望。这首歌运用了jungle funk的旋律基调,就像乐队的自我介绍,向听者们展示着真正的HearIM。 第二首收录在这张专辑里的歌“Snow Flower”, 不同于其他HearIM的作品通常用Piri弹奏主旋律,使用了钢琴作为主旋律乐器,展示了雪中花开放的感觉。接下来两首歌曲 “White Forest”和 “Ash”分别用音乐带个我们灵魂深度的拷问,让听者思考生命的轮回和重生。

"HearIM", a word that appears frequently in the band's name, album's name and the title track, means concern and intimacy in Korean. The title track "Here I Am" expresses the band's desire to connect with listeners. This jungle funk song stands as a self introduction to the world, revealing the true HearIM. The second song in this album "Snow Flower" is a bit different from HearlM's other work. Usually the band makes use of Piri for the chorus while in "Snow Flower" HearlM uses piano as the main instrument, establishing a snow white setting. The next two songs, "White Forest" and "Ash" allow us to contemplate about our souls and the rebirth of life.


HearIM breaks the boundary of Korean tradition and sets up their own identity. They pursue music that they sincerely believe in. They love their own music and are eager to share. Piri, the Korean traditional instrument, mainly performs the melody lines while Western instruments play the rhythm and the harmony. With a wide musical spectrum, they are producing music only HearIM is able to and realizing the beginning of "World Music", which focuses on how the world music started historically instead of how it is interpreted commercially.

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