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Giulia Millanta专辑

Moonbeam Parade

Giulia Millanta来自意大利的佛罗伦萨, 现在居住在德克萨斯的奥斯汀, 她热爱旅游,写作还有她热爱她的表演事业。

Giulia Millanta is a songwriter from Florence, Italy, now based in Austin, TX. She is a traveller;She is a writer; She is a performer.

最新的“Moonbeam Parade”是Giulia Millanta的第五张专辑。这张专辑是和George Reiff一起出品,同时邀请到明星音乐团队的加入,像是Charlie Sexton, Glenn Fukunaga,Dony Wynn。这些著名的音乐人也为这样专辑注入了新鲜的血液,并且产生了不一样的化学反应。让听众感受到Giulia Millanta不一样的音乐才能。

" Moonbeam Parade" is the FIFTH of Giulia Millanta's album. The album is producing with George Reiff and in the same time, they invited several famouse music team join them. They are Charlie Sexton, Glenn Fukunaga,Dony Wynn. These famouse musician also bring some new ideas for the album and they got the surprise. Let's feel Giulia Millanta different music power!

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