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你今天 Euphoria了吗?

"Euphoria is a song that promotes being on a natural high, being happy to be alive, and to live life without regrets"





We will introduce a new song of Slightly Left of Centre and the song name is "Euphoria". The song is real technical because it not only has lively rhythm,Smooth of the lyrics;but also has professional band and their serious attitude. Whether it's on the stage of mixing or the large amount of downloading by the fans, it can reflect the charm of music. The major reason is the band can control the process that they produce each part of the music. Whether it's recording, mixing, producing or video and audio post production, it's all perfect.

"Euphoria" 是 tongue-in-cheek心态的证明,它也是 Maroon 5 遇到Daft Punk的盛大回忆。

"Euphoria" is a testament to the bands tongue-in-cheek mentality, with soaring hooks and a vibe reminiscent of Maroon 5 meeting Daft Punk


With the experience, determination and ability to write the catchiest, danciest, funkiest, poppiest, most commercial tracks you will hear from this side of the globe, the bands driving force is absolutely unconditional, and unstoppable !! Having one of the most invigorating, unique, captivating and entertaining stage presences a live band has to offer, as well as working with some amaing session musicians, SLC has proven their live shows are something that everyone will remember.

火热的销售量超过80000张,500000浏览量,并被下载超过100000次,澳大利亚人才“Slightly Left of Centre”带着他们最强的,最原始的和多样化的声音回到世界的舞台。

Hot off the back of selling in excess of 80,000 units, 500,000 streams and generating over 100,000 downloads, Australian talent 'Slightly Left of Centre' return to the world stage with their strongest, most original and diverse material to date.


2016 Endorsed by Elixir Strings

2016 年获得 Elixir Strings公司的支持

2015 Winner of Pop/Electronica Akademia Award


2015 Reverbnation Spotlight


2015 Over 310,000 Streams Worldwide

2015年 销售超过310,000向全世界

2014 Won "Search for the Pearls" Competition by Black Pearl Studios

2014年赢得"Search for the Pearls" 比赛的黑珍珠奖

2013 Apple iTunes Spotlight

2013年聚焦Apple iTunes

2013 Licensing deal with Russian label 'Studia MONOLITH'.

2013年获得了与俄罗斯 'Studia MONOLITH'得认可

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