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另类摇滚乐队Celeb Car Crash诚意推出最新大碟“People Are the Best Show”

Celeb Car Crash 带着他们的全新大碟《People Are The Best》隆重登场!People Are The Best》可以说是另类摇滚的代表作品,全专收录12支歌曲,可以从作品中感受到乐队Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Soundgarden等对Celeb Car Crash的影响。专辑强调最纯粹自然的音乐魅力,没有把重点放在现代音乐的制作科技上。整张大碟的设计风格都由Carlo Alberto包办,中国艺术家Maleonn协助向乐队提供了其最具代表性的图标。邀请到世界有名的现象级艺术家合作,完整的作品包含着乐队的真挚诚意与全世界听众见面!

"People Are The Best Show" can be describe as a powerful mix of Rock, Grunge and Alternative. Inside the twelve songs that make the album, you can ear influences from bands such Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Soundgarden, Metallica and Alice in Chains. The album was recorded and mixed with the approach used by the greatest Rock band during the ‘90s, focusing on feeling and groove and not on the artificial perfection that carachterizes the modern productions. The album include "Because I'm Sad", produced and recorded at The Red Bull Studios in London in 2015, after the band won "The Italian Red Bull Contest" with more than 1700 band entered. Along with the recording of the single, Celeb Car Crash had the chance to play a mini tour in support of Lacuna Coil; using as a stage the almighty "Red Bull Tour Bus".

The artwork of the record has been made by Carlo Alberto, in collaboaration with Maleonn, one of the most influential visual artists working in China today, who gave to the band one of his most representative images.

专辑最新MV《Enemy's Desire》来自专辑《People Are The Best Show》。这支MV有着强悍的视觉震慑力、海天一色的感官碰撞,创作灵感源自于传统自然纪录片的拍摄手法;它讨论了生命的意义,邂逅了来自大自然的神奇力量,并给予听者寄托和希望。

The video for “Enemy’s Desire”, latest single from Celeb Car Crash's album “People Are The Best Show”, is based on the most classical archetypes, although impactful: a starter, a couple, a “witness” and a linear path; it deals with life, encounters, obstacles, supernatural or unlikely events which hinder the main characters, hope and the end.

Celeb Car Crash是一支摇滚乐队。2012年底,由成员Nicola, Carlo Alberto, Michelangelo和Simone组成。在成队半年后,乐队高效率的推出了第一张录音室作品Ambush! ,并且在2013年底进行了大规模的欧洲巡演,获得了大批粉丝的支持。2014年,乐队发行单曲Because I ’m Sad,音乐录影带由Matteo Di Gioia执导,在欧洲的发展愈发引人关注。今年,他们推出了全新歌曲Let Me In,第二张全新大碟People Are The Best Show将在9月面世。作为另类摇滚的代表作品,专辑获得了意大利Virgin电台和Revolver杂志的鼎力相助。

Celeb Car Crash is a rock band. At the end of 2012, elective affinities and natural selection lead Nicola (Klogr, Lena's baedream), Carlo Alberto (Lena's baedream), Michelangelo (Violet Gibson,Waiting for Titor, Convergence) and Simone (Octave, Opposite Sides) to join efforts and shape Celeb Car Crash's music project. Within six month of hard work, the band recorded and mixed their first record “AMBUSH!”, released by Antstreet Records on April 2013. Together with AMBUSH!, Celeb Car Crash also released their first videoclip featuring the first single “Dead Poets Society”. The video was directed by Carlo Roberti (Solobuio Visual Factory) and gave to the band a lot of exposure on Italian TV Channels (Rock TV) and Web TV around the world. From April 2013 to December 2013, the band supported the album with a long tour across Italy, Switzerland, France and UK, opening gigs for acts like “Gotthard” and “Coheed and Cambria”. On December 2013, the band released through Bagana Records a new single and video featuring the cover song of “Drinking In L.A.”, Bran Van 3000’s hit of the late 90’. During 2014, Celeb Car Crash started a new tour with almost 30 gigs around Italy and France, increasing their fan base offering a solid rock show. In December 2014 the band won the eminent contest “RED BULL TOURBUS” beating the competition of 1700 bands from all the country.

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