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Carl Thornton发布新专辑《Destined》

近日, 歌手Carl Thornton 在虾米音乐, 看见音乐, QQ音乐等大中华地区线上音乐平台发行了他的专辑《Destined》。

The Singer Carl Thornton has launched his album " Destined" on various Chinese music streaming services such as QQ Music, Xiami Music and Kanjian Music.

EP Destined收录了许多快节奏高能量的舞曲,绝对能刺激到听众的肾上腺素,一个字描述这张专辑的话就是: Fun!无与伦比,这是让所有派对爱好者无法拒绝的作品,自由无约束。

EP Destined contains many fast paced and high energy dance music, absolutely can stimulate the audience's adrenaline, one word to describe this album that is FUN! This is the work that all party lovers can't refuse because it is free and unconstrained.

近期Carl和DJ制作人Carpo & Comes团队的合作也是顺风顺水,两首单曲都获得了评论界的称赞,分别是C’Mon Me和Move Your Body,Carl已摸索出自己的突出点,并在不断将自己的个性和风格鲜明化。

Carpo and DJ producer 's team Carpo & Comes collaboration is developing well. Two single pieces have won praise from critics, namely "C'Mon Me" and "Move Your Body",Carl have found out their salient points and he will continue to put his own personality style.

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