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Ben Anderson | 民谣的另一种打开方式



但是,当民谣融合了爵士,蓝调和摇滚,又是怎样的一种味道?今天就要像大家介绍一位歌手兼创作人 Ben Anderson

音乐是艺术家对于其艺术表达和形式美妙的结合。歌手兼创作人Ben Anderson就以此为平衡进行创作。Anderson对于旋律、节奏和歌词内容具有超凡的掌控力,当他的声音和其他风格融合在一起时也毫不逊色。他蓝调的、灵魂般的嗓音是john Mayer, Sam Smith和Jack Johnson完美的融合。他的声音治愈内心,同时也给你带来音乐的享受。

Music is the beautiful combination of structure and artistic expression. Singer songwriter Ben Anderson writes and performs with balance as his mantra. Anderson’s gift for strong melody, harmony, and lyrical content is consistent, even when his sound ventures into other styles of music. His bluesy, soulful voice is a rich blend of John Mayer, Sam Smith, and Jack Johnson. While his soft vocals caress you, the music delivers a satisfying jolt.


Born in Phoenix, AZ, Anderson was drawn to music at an earlier age. However, it wasn’t until he was 14 he would pick up his first guitar, falling under the seductive spell of songwriting. Playing in jazz bands and rock groups throughout his late teens/early 20’s, he didn’t consider music as a career path. In early 2013, after he graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, he decided to become a singer songwriter, going against the grain of convention.

2014年,Anderson在AZ制作人Jack Miller 的帮助下录制了他的第一张EP"Roosevelt Row"。这个四首歌的EP特点是吉他和安德森的声音。这首歌的歌词在本质上更轻,音乐因其简单而被欣赏。

In 2014, Anderson recorded his first EP Roosevelt Row over at Grand Canyon Records with AZ studio legend Jack Miller under the helm. The 4-song EP only features acoustic guitar and Anderson’s vocals. The song’s lyrics are lighter in nature and the music is appreciated for its simplicity.


在2015年的夏天,Anderson招募Electric Lotus Records的Olivier Zahm为他的第二个EP的制作人、工程师还有作曲伙伴。2016年1月13日,Ben发布了新专辑“Where the Lights Go?”。这是一张四首歌曲的专辑,深受听众和评论家的欢迎。

In the summer of 2015, Anderson enlisted Olivier Zahm of Electric Lotus Records to be the producer/engineer/songwriting partner for his second EP. Having the desire to expand his sound both musically and lyrically, Zahm was the perfect complement. On January 13th, 2016 Ben released Where the Lights Go?, a fully produced, four-track EP that was well received by listeners and critics.


Ben Anderson的第二张EP《Where the Lights Go?》包括了四首完整制作的歌曲,每首都展现了不同的音乐风格。Chemical Reaction歌如其名给听众们带来如电击一般的震撼,背景的电子吉他与贝斯完美的配上Anderson迷人的声调。Where the Lights Go有着神秘的开头,逐渐加入多个音乐元素,比如爵士,蓝调和摇滚。最值得评价的是受大众好评的Perfect这首偏向民谣的歌曲,如同Phoenix New Times的Mitchell Hillman评价的“浪漫的歌词配上Anderson性感又同时轻快的声调,融合成了一首完美了情歌。


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