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年度独立音乐唱片获奖乐队Beautiful Machines 推出新专辑《Bridges》

又给大家带来新专辑啦!今天要介绍的组合是Beautiful Machines。Beautiful Machines在2014年赢得独立音乐奖的年度唱片后,在16年6月推出了第二张专辑《Bridges》。专辑收录8首作品。Bridges更加深刻了组合的音乐路线,他们进一步对电子音乐的现场进行了实验和探讨。专辑的设定铺陈在与听众携手度过共同时空的概念基础之上,就像在好风光下骑行,一下子发展到外太空宇宙一般,变化感和冲击力让整张唱片颇具动感和能量。为了打造这张唱片,乐队到访孕育出杰出音乐人,例如David Bowie, U2的灵地德国,还在日内瓦取样,在艺术层面不断提升自己。Indies and the Underground杂志乐评认为Bridges是一张具备黑暗色彩的流行电音专辑,蕴藏着巨大的魅力,而这股力量是凌驾在个人之上。

Today, we introduce San Francisco-based live electro/indiewave/rock band Beautiful Machines. Winner of the 2014 Independent Music Award for Best Album of the Year, the band follows up with their new 8-song album "Bridges". "Bridges" takes the band in a new direction, deepening their exploration of live analog/electronic music. The album is purposefully arranged to take the listener on a journey, like cycling through a Tron-grid landscape launching into a euphoric stratosphere. Thoughtful, dynamic and full of rich powerful choruses, wide lush verses and tangential bridges, this album strikes a chord and 'bridges' technology and emotion. Inspired by such luminaries as David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp and Cut Copy, "Indies and the Underground" magazine describes "Bridges" as dark color techno-pop album with great charm and power.

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