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Atsuo Dohke | 不想当琉特琴演奏家的日本大叔不是好律师

有人说,会做饭的男人最帅;有人说认真工作的男人最帅;有人说,会唱歌男人最帅;萝卜白菜各有所爱,相信也有人喜欢会演奏乐器的男人今天独立小炒向你们介绍一位会演奏琉特琴的日本大叔--- Atsuo Dohke。

Atsuo Dohke的整张专辑都是由钢琴配合琉特琴完成的。琴声和鸣让大家熟悉的古典乐又多了一丝独特感,这也是琉特琴的特色之一,琉特琴随着拨弦者的掌控,可婉转的徐徐道来,也可清脆动人,10根琴弦的搭配与中国的琵琶有着异曲同工之妙。

Atsuo Dohke 's new album is absolute music and the major instrument is Liuto. The music combination( Liuto with Piano) let people know the classical music has a unique feeling. This is one of the characteristics of the Liuto. The instrument with player's cntrol, can be slow, also can be clear and moving. 10 strings of Liuto Playing has same feeling with Chinese Pipa. But they are different.

Atsuo Dohke先生生于1959年,于1982毕业于东京大学(BA)并于1984获律师资格他不但是琉特琴表演家还是一名律师.

Atsuo Dohke Born in 1959. Graduated from Tokyo University in 1982(BA). Qualified as an attorney-at-law in 1984.

Atsuo Dohke开始弹奏曼陀林是由已故的HIRAYAMA,Eizaburo先生的指引,从1977年开始,在日本最著名的曼陀林。其实,Atsuo Dohke更喜欢玩乐器如小提琴和大提琴。因此,他从1997开始弹琉特琴。琉特琴的最初设计是在意大利的十九世纪末,有五对弦。它的独特的美丽的声音,是由于它的第十弦。Atsuo Dohke弹琉特琴常常伴随钢琴。Atsuo Dohke的主要领域是古典音乐,最近包括流行音乐。Atsuo Dohke的愿望是希望更多的人熟悉这个乐器并能了解它的性能。

He began playing the mandolin being instructed by the late Mr. HIRAYAMA, Eizaburo, the most famous mandolinist in Japan from 1977. Actually, He preferred to play the low-voice instrument such as violin cello, accordingly, He started to play the liuto from 1997. A liuto was devised in the end of 19th century in Italy and has five pairs of strings. Then, it has a unique and beautiful sound owing to its ten strings. He plays the liuto being accompanied by the piano. His main field is classical music, and recently includes pop music. His desire is that more people should be familiar with this instrument and listen to its performance.

Atsuo Dohke所有的歌都是伴随着钢琴演奏的琉特琴。琉特琴是十九世纪末的作曲家在曼陀林生产的。它有五对琴弦,所以能演奏独特而优美的声音。所有发行的歌曲都是古典乐,这是Atsuo Dohke先生擅长的,但最近他也在尝试演奏世界音乐。


Atsuo Dohke all the songs are accompanied by piano playing and liuto. At the end of nineteenth Century a composer produced Liuto in the Mandolin. The instrument has five pairs of strings, so it can play unique and beautiful sounds. All of the songs released are classical music, which are Mr. Atsuo Dohke good at, but recently he is trying to play world music.

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