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音乐记忆 | 那些年追过的女孩,那些不能说的秘密……



音乐总有着不可估量的力量。一样的歌曲会帮你回到过去;想一想,再给你一次机会你会不会说出“How Beautiful You Are"






今天分享给你们Fredrik的《How Beautiful You Are》

EP Playlist 歌单

  1. How Beautiful You Are

  2. There Are Days

  3. How Can I Ever Lose This Feeling

EP 叫做How Beautiful You Are, 是一张原声EP,Fredrik用最传统原始的方式完成录制,在人声基础上只简单添加了吉他旋律。比起现代华丽高超的录制科技,可以说这几乎是一张“裸”的专辑,而作者希望用这种方式去接近听众的内心。所有的词曲创作来自Mona Edwardsson, Jorgen Kahl监制,Mikko负责吉他部分,Fredrik演唱,专辑在Jorgen的工作室录制。

The EP ”How Beautiful You Are” is an acoustic EP, recorded in an old-school way with only a few guitars and lead vocals. It is simple, straightforward and ”naked,” aiming straight at the heart of the listener. This music wants to add beauty to the world and give hope. It also wants to raise some important questions, relevant to the new world we live in today.

EP收录三支单曲,分别是How Beautiful You Are, There Are Days和How Can I Ever Lose This Feeling。

EP has three songs: "How Beautiful You Are", "There Are Days" and "How Can I Ever Lose This Feeling"

How Beautiful You Are讲述了生活中的小细节,向你爱的人传达心声是一件非常美丽的事情,不要犹豫或者错过这个时刻。

A simple song about the transformative power of love. Our loved ones are always beautiful! This song encourages us to find a moment to tell our loved ones exactly how beautiful they are.

There Are Days则营造了身处迷宫的困惑感,随着渐进不弱的和弦进程和强力的歌词,歌曲在美国电台获得相当优异的打榜成绩。

With its relentless hypnotic beat and lyrics, "There Are Days" made it on American radio. It is a song about the new world we have created, a world spinning out of control, where it is so difficult to know what’s right and what’s wrong. A world where everybody is ”running in the maze”, not able to connect with the love coming their way, and not able to stop and enjoy the present moment.

How Can I Ever Lose This Feeling更多鼓励大家去接受命运的安排,有时候失去也是一种得到,保持这样的得失皆益的心态,才会拥有更广阔的眼界。

To be alive means to love, and sometimes, to lose. But even the loss can be beautiful, reminding us of a deeply powerful experience. We can keep the beauty of that experience and let go of the rest. It is all as it should be, it is ”the way it’s meant to be”.

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